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Personnel Security

GET has provided authoritative information regarding requirements for personnel security clearances, SCI access, interpretation of personnel security regulations, and adjudicative guidelines to customers; assisted in the planning, development, and execution of programs to accomplish the Information and Personnel Security mission goals; provided guidance and training to Government personnel, staff officers, and security managers on personnel security requirements; and provided technical expertise to assist in meeting strategic and operational security requirements, a centralized office for security control, badging, security enrollment, and reception of visitors.

Security Training

The GET Team provides information and personnel security education; training and inspection programs of government, civilian, contractors, and military personnel; develops and administers calendar of events that enables long-term planning and effective Security Education and Awareness management; participates in the planning and performance of security surveys and inspection; assists in organizing and implementing Security Education and Awareness Programs; advises senior management and subject matter experts on developments and advances in programs and policies for multiple security disciplines; conducts analytical and benchmark studies to evaluate the effectiveness of current security education/training programs and inspections, feasibility of future programs, and development of planning efforts, and communicates security education and training policies and procedures through meetings, written documentation, verbal presentations, and state–of-the-art communications and media.

Substance Abuse Program

GET provides planning, coordination, implementation, and evaluation of the Army Prevention Programs; Prevention Coordinator (PC) services to include Administrative support for all Prevention and associated requirements of the Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP); training and other services to assist organizations in ensuring all military are provided prevention education training; designs, develops, and administers target group-oriented alcohol and other drug prevention education and training programs in coordination with the ASAP staff and other installation prevention professionals; and conduct pre- and post-deployment substance abuse training.

Corporate Capabilities

  • Personnel Security
  • Training
  • Substance Abuse Program